Our Story...

Greg Decker (President of PSS) has personally been working in the convention and entertainment industry since 1977, when he joined IATSE Local #720 in Las Vegas, NV. Since then, he opened PSS and has expanded the company to include 4 additional Labor Coordinator / Account Executives, all of which have 20+ years in the industry as well. While many labor vendors outsource their payroll, we run all of our own payroll internally with a staff of 4 team members within our payroll department. This allows our Labor Coordinators to work directly with our Payroll personnel to make sure all figures are calculated and turned around promptly and in the most efficient way possible, to both our clients as well as the union. Running payroll internally also eliminates discrepancies others may run into using an alternative payroll/billing system.

While our core operating staff is made up of a very talented small group of detailed individuals, just over the past 5 years, we’ve assisted our clients with the production of, on an average, 330 shows each year. Many of these shows have had labor budgets in the $1m and higher range and have included multiple unions within a single jurisdiction.

Our Team....

The staff of Production Support Services has gradually grown into an eclectic group of 13 individuals, that remarkably work as one to keep up with our ever-changing work load. With backgrounds in Theater, Banking, Architecture, and the Medical Industry, our combined knowledge and flexibility are two of the main characteristics that make our team so successful at what we do.

Here is just a bit of information on our individual team members:

Greg Decker


(702) 438-5600 Ext. 101

The Boss...The Prez...The Man. Greg Decker is the Captain of PSS.

Tim Johnson

Account Manager

(702) 438-5600 Ext. 103

The First Mate. Tim has been with PSS the longest and the most conniving.

Justin Ritz

Account Manager

(702) 438-5600 Ext. 106

Super Ritz. Justin is our Account Manager with the mostest. He’ll take on any obstacle you throw at him.

Ian Hittelman

Account Manager

(702) 438-5600 Ext. 105

Jack of all trades. Ian fills in wherever help is needed…IT, Office Maintenance, and even a little HR.

Sandy McKenzie

Accounts & Travel Manager

(702) 438-5600 Ext. 108

Flights & Invoices. Sandy books them and bills them.

Kayla Yu

Assistant Payroll Manager

(702) 438-5600 Ext. 117

Payroll Assistant One. The Cinderella of our payroll world. Does all the hard work, but always makes it to the ball.

Brianna Pohlman

Assistant Account/Payrool Manager

(702) 438-5600 Ext. 110

The Payroll-Rigger-Teleprompter Operator-Account Manager-Job Steward-PA/Runner-Roller Derby Expert.

Yvette Decker

Office Manager

(702) 438-5600 Ext. 102

As our Office Manager, Yvette is responsible for a diverse set of administrative tasks.

Emily Johnson

Payroll Manager

(702) 438-5600 Ext. 104

Our Payroll Guru. Emily heads our Payroll Department and keeps it tip top.

Ken Nagel

Account Manager

(702) 438-5600

A new addition to PSS. Ken brings an East Coast presence to the Team.

Jaime Hittelman

Accounts & Travel Assistant

(702) 438-5600 Ext. 109

Hotels & Registration. Jaime gets them ready along with coordinating our office necessities.

Michelle Hammond

Assistant Payroll Manager

(702) 438-5600 Ext. 107

Payroll Assistant Two. Newly added Michelle, has greatly add efficiency and accuracy to all our Payrolls.



(702) 438-5600

Our latest add to the Family. Monty brings a bright smile and dose of energy to our office.